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Orgonite, pendant of energy and love

Orgonite, pendant of energy and love

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With this magnificent Orgonite, pendant of energy and love, you will endow your décolleté with splendour. The shards of semi-precious stones enclosed in their cocoon will reveal their beauty with assured class.

This Orgonite, pendant of energy and love is designed with Crystal, copper, gold leaf chips and resin. The evenly crushed stones sparkle between the golden rings. It measures approximately 4 cm, an ideal size to adorn a neckline without distorting your style.

Orgonite has many beneficial and positive powers for those who possess it, but also on the environment. It balances the energies to harmonize them. It converts negative energies into positive energies and dissipates electromagnetic waves to improve your well-being. As it acts on all living things, it promotes the growth of plantations and prolongs the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

In addition, on the more personal aspect, Orgonite helps you fight stress, improves your sleep and purifies the atmosphere of your interior. Around your neck, it will only bring you benefits that you never imagined!

You will be enchanted by the charm that your Orgonite, pendant of energy and love, will produce once placed around your neck. You will be all the more satisfied with the benefits that you will quickly be able to see. Treat yourself now. In one click on "Add to cart" and it will be yours!

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