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Guided Meditation

Orgonite, Anahata love pyramid

Orgonite, Anahata love pyramid

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This charming Orgonite, Anahata pyramid of love is made with shards of stones with very well organized colors between them. We find Lapis Lazuli, Crystal, Green Crystal and Amethyst, as well as copper, enclosed in the resin pyramid. An elegant sun-shaped medallion adorns one side.

This Orgonite will preserve romantic relationships and couple relationships in the first instance, but like any Orgonite, it will protect you from bad vibes, negative energies and electromagnetic waves scattered in your environment. It will preserve your sleep to make it more serene and peaceful, if you place it in your bedroom. Orgonite is positively beneficial for all that is and acts on everything around you as well as on yourself. It will therefore be a remedy for your stress and will promote the return of your good mood.

Regarding the Anahata, it is the fourth energy center located at the level of the heart. This Orgonite, pyramid of Anahata love is therefore linked to this chakra. The corresponding angel is Ariel. The latter is the scout of everyone's destiny. It allows to acquire discernment by and with lucidity. It encourages listening to others with the heart. It reveals the love that is in each of us, but also its power so that we can make it live inside and outside of ourselves.

So, if you want to ward off all the bad energies present in your living space while promoting your love relationships, this Orgonite, Anahata love pyramid is made for you. Click "Add to Cart" to receive yours.

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