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Orgonite, pyramid of creativity

Orgonite, pyramid of creativity

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This Orgonite, pyramid of creativity reveals a spiral inside its top, which gives it an amazing effect, but also a nice visual rendering. In a rather elaborate, but very elegant layout, a golden medallion forming the Star of David has been affixed.

The interior of the pyramid is made up of shards of Citrine, Green Crystal, Copper and Gold Leaf in a very beautiful arrangement of colors. This will give a real decorative note to your living or working space. With the 6 sizes available, ranging from 4 to 10 cm, you can choose the one that suits you and can even take it anywhere to benefit from these properties anywhere; on vacation, at work, on business and/or private trips�

Orgonite is not just a simple pyramid object, however beautiful it may be. It has a real potential to act on what exists by promoting evolution such as the growth of plants, for example. It also transforms negative energies into positive and harmonious energies for your well-being.

Citrine relieves emotional toxins and preserves the negative effects that surround us. It is invigorating, attracts abundance and prosperity.

Moreover, this Orgonite, pyramid of creativity is associated with the Archangel Gabriel, patron of creators and artists as well as communicators such as teachers and other speakers. This archangel promotes creative expression.

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