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Orgonite Pyramid for Abundance

Orgonite Pyramid for Abundance

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Attract positive abundance in everything
This Orgonite Pyramid for Abundance will be the protector of your interior by repelling evil spirits, bad energies and harmful waves to promote your well-being, luck and all the good things in life.

It is offered in 4 sizes so that you can have the one that will have your preference. This Orgonite Pyramid for Abundance is made of resin, natural crystal, Obsidian, copper leaf and gold leaf.

Orgonite acts on everything that exists without leaving anything to chance. It eliminates the electromagnetic waves that surround us as well as harmful energies. It reduces stress, improves sleep, relieves fatigue and can have an analgesic effect. It promotes the growth of flowers, improves the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Depending on the person, the feeling can be more or less variable.

Absolutely superb, this Orgonite Pyramid for Abundance will also be a decorative object that will easily find its place in your interior. And you can even take it with you to enjoy its benefits wherever you are. To get it right away, click "Add to Cart" now.


Length x Width x Height: (4 sizes)
4x4x4cm, 5x5x5cm, 6x6x6cm or 7x7x7cm

Materials :
�Natural crystal,
�Gold leaves

Our Orgonites are made by hand, sometimes there may be small bubbles which do not prevent their proper functioning.

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