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Orgonite, Pyramid of fortune

Orgonite, Pyramid of fortune

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Why not attract luck and fortune to your home, office or wherever you go with this Orgonite Pyramid of Fortune!

In addition to fortune, this Orgonite, pyramid of fortune helps ward off negative vibes and evil spirits to protect you and your living space. It also helps soothe ailments of the soul when needed.

Orgonite is known to bring its benefits to everything in its environment. It hunts negative energies and electromagnetic waves that constantly circulate around us. For people, it promotes sleep by making it more peaceful, fights against stress and acts against fatigue. It can also have analgesic effects according to the feelings of each one. On your environment, it improves the growth of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Your very beautiful Orgonite, pyramid of fortune is composed of shards of Obsidian, copper and gold leaf enclosed in a resin container and bears a superb beautifully chiseled golden medallion. It will bring benefits while being truly decorative, regardless of the space where you put it. And of course, you can take it with you on all your trips, professional and private. You will definitely enjoy watching it! To adopt it as soon as possible, click on “Add to basket” now.

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