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Orgonite pyramid of the 7 chakras

Orgonite pyramid of the 7 chakras

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Orgonite pyramids, in addition to being a superbly aesthetic decorative object, are recognized for the beneficial powers attributed to them.

The action of Orgonite is found as much on living beings as on materials, on electromagnetic energies and spiritual energies. As a result, it protects both our environment and the beings that we are from all the waves that are harmful to us by absorbing them to convert them into good energies.

This Orgonite Pyramid of the 7 chakras is available in 5 different sizes to allow you to make it a protective decorative object for your interior by finding its place in your living spaces. By taking it with you wherever you go, it will protect the spaces where you are.

This Orgonite Pyramid of the 7 chakras is made of natural crystal, resin, gold leaf and copper leaf. Each element is carefully put together to give this truly marvelous effect. Just by looking at it, you will already feel the well-being invade you.

Adopt without delay this magnificent Orgonite Pyramid of the 7 chakras to promote good energies under your roof and for your good every day by clicking on "Add to cart" now. You will not regret it.

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