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Orgonite pyramid “Tree of Life” Tiger eye, Peridot and gold leaf

Orgonite pyramid “Tree of Life” Tiger eye, Peridot and gold leaf

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This superb Orgonite Pyramid "Tree of Life" Tiger's Eye, Peridot and gold leaf is handmade, which makes it necessarily unique. It consists of a high quality resin container in which the various elements are arranged in a very beautiful arrangement. The Tree of Life seems to take root on a bed of gold leaf, Peridot and Tiger's Eye stones.

Peridot helps digestion, fights against excessive anxiety, stress and anxiety. It promotes the development of self-confidence and strengthens the mind to help overcome hardships, especially when they are delicate, it also removes melancholy. Moreover, it would bring happiness and good fortune to the people who wear it.

Tiger's Eye is a protective stone of great importance, because it acts as a bulwark against negative energies to keep them away in order to preserve you from them. The gold leaves complete the whole with a multitude of radiant sparkles.

This Orgonite Pyramid "Tree of Life" Tiger's eye, Peridot and gold leaf will preserve all your living spaces for the sole purpose of promoting your well-being. Receive it as soon as possible by clicking on “Add to cart”.

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