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Orgonite pyramid symbol of love

Orgonite pyramid symbol of love

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This superb Orgonite Pyramid symbol of love, 5 or 6 cm to choose from, is made and composed of crystal, ore, gold leaf and copper leaf, all carefully assembled to give such an exceptional rendering. . Orgonite has the particularity of acting on everything, both on living beings and on materials, but also on everything that is energetic, including on the spiritual level. It reduces the negative aspect of electromagnetic waves both on our environment and on ourselves and significantly improves sleep.

This is how Orgonite acts on plants by promoting and amplifying their growth, prolongs the preservation of vegetables and fruits. It is relaxing, analgesic, and even, it is sometimes said, euphoric. The consequences vary from person to person.

Your Orgonite Pyramid symbol of love will purify your interior by eliminating negative energies and other waves harmful to your balance and will relieve your stress.

Its size allows you to take it everywhere with you so that it sanitizes all the spaces where you move, both at work and during your vacation getaways. In any case, it will only do you good. Buy it now by clicking "Add to Cart".

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