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Orgonite, spiritual energy tower pyramid

Orgonite, spiritual energy tower pyramid

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This Orgonite, pyramid tower of spiritual energy, by a spiral effect rising towards the tip like an endless wheel and perfectly arranged colors, is of a particularly surprising beauty. It will undoubtedly be a decorative element that is as beautiful in its visual appearance as it is beneficial in its virtues for your well-being.

Orgonite, even if it offers a beautiful decorative object by the wide variety of models, it is nonetheless powerfully effective in countering stress, but also the electromagnetic waves to which we are subjected on a daily basis by all modern devices that we use. This exceptional pyramid transforms negative energies into positive energies to restore balance and stability. It promotes the growth of plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants...

This superb Orgonite, pyramid tower of spiritual energy is composed of a mixture of Crystal, natural minerals, copper and gold leaf very well ordered and enclosed in a resin container.

In this magnificent pyramid, you will allow your living space to be purified at all times in beauty and also to purify you of the negative disturbing elements that surround you or affect you. If you place it in a bedroom, it will help to find a good balance to obtain a more serene sleep. Do not miss out on your well-being and click on "Add to cart" now to receive your Orgonite, pyramid tower of spiritual energy.

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