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Guided Meditation

Orgonite, pyramid of the seven chakras

Orgonite, pyramid of the seven chakras

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The Orgonite, pyramid of the seven chakras has the particularity of acting on everything that surrounds it, which is alive, visible or not. It grants its benefits within your living space; home, office, various places of travel. But, it also makes you benefit from it yourself by removing harmful electromagnetic waves, by converting negative energies into positive energies, by promoting the development of plants and by improving the conservation of fruits and vegetables, for example.

She concentrates the seven colors linked to the chakras, including Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Green Aventurine and colored crystal, and she wears a golden medallion representing the Star of David on a chiseled background. The archangel that corresponds to him is Zadkiel, may be known, yet he is the one who frees us from painful emotions or memories.

On the mind, your Orgonite, pyramid of the seven chakras will soothe stress and, if you place it in your bedroom, it will allow you to find a more serene sleep. In any case, it will restore at all times the balance and stability you need every day and wherever you are.

Do not hesitate to take it everywhere with you to purify the places you have to cross or rub shoulders with for the sole purpose of doing you good, because your well-being is your priority. This superb Orgonite, pyramid of the seven chakras awaits you by clicking on "Add to cart" as soon as possible.

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