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Yin Yang Pendant “Universal Harmony”

Yin Yang Pendant “Universal Harmony”

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Balance and harmony are the key words that define the "Universal Harmony" Yin Yang Pendant in Obsidian and White Howlite. It is a unique gem that combines two of the most powerful healing stones, creating a synergy of positive and negative energies, perfectly aligning the flow of life energy or chi.

The "Universal Harmony" Yin Yang Pendant, an ancestral symbol of universal harmony, is perfectly embodied in this jewel. Opposite parts of black obsidian and white howlite complement each other, creating a complete circle. In Taoism, Yin and Yang represent the duality of all that exists in the universe and how these opposing forces interact to create a whole.

Obsidian, a powerful stone of protection, is renowned for its ability to clear the mental smog created in the aura by negative energies in the environment. It helps build mental clarity, promotes change, and helps identify behavioral patterns to overcome. The black color of obsidian represents Yin, symbolizing the calm, feminine, and receptive aspect of our nature.

White howlite, on the contrary, is a soothing stone that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. It encourages patience and perseverance, stimulates creativity and inspires to achieve goals. Its white color represents Yang, the active, stimulating and masculine side of our being.

At 25mm in diameter, the pendant is compact enough for everyday wear yet large enough to showcase the natural beauty of these two stones. This is an ideal piece of jewelry for anyone looking to harmonize their energy and find balance in their life.

This pendant is more than just an accessory, it is a healing and balancing tool, a symbol of universal harmony. It serves as a reminder that life is a constant balance between opposing forces, and it is in this balance that we find true harmony.

The "Universal Harmony" Yin Yang Pendant in Obsidian and White Howlite is a true expression of Taoist philosophy and a powerful piece for your jewelry collection. It's the perfect gift for a loved one, a symbol of support for those following a spiritual path, or a meaningful centerpiece for your personal jewelry collection.

Do not wait any longer! Bring balance to your life today with the "Universal Harmony" Yin Yang Pendant in Obsidian and White Howlite. Click "Add to Cart" to own this extraordinary piece which is a perfect fusion of art, spirituality and harmony.

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