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Bracelet with pink Onyx charm

Bracelet with pink Onyx charm

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The different color tones give this Charm Bracelet in Pink Onyx an undeniable elegance that will delight you and easily match your outfits. It is made with 8 mm natural semi-precious stone beads associated with cylindrical zinc alloy beads and a charm of your choice according to your preference between "Buddha" representing altruism, compassion and benevolence, the “Om” symbolizing wisdom and compassion or the “Lotus Flower” sacred emblem referring to accomplishment, purity and patience.

Pink Onyx, besides being a very good stone of protection, is linked to the crown chakra. It protects against negative energies that it absorbs to dissolve them, so it is an excellent purification stone. It also helps to become aware of spiritual energies by being a stone of rooting and balance, generating strength and courage while providing support in difficult times or during complicated events. It promotes decision-making by improving objectivity and helps to acquire better control of emotions.

Choose the symbol that looks like you or represents the values to which you are faithful and that you will be proud to wear every day and click on "Add to basket" to receive your Bracelet with pink Onyx charm as soon as possible.

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