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Purple Crystal Bead Bracelets

Purple Crystal Bead Bracelets

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These very beautiful Purple Crystal Bead Bracelets will be very elegant on your wrist, and as beautiful as pure Amethyst. They are made up of 18 beads, 8 mm for one and 10 mm for the other, selected for their high quality and all assembled on a high density stretchable support to allow you to acquire a piece of jewelery that will last over time. . Thanks to the stretchiness of this support, it will fit most wrists.

The color tones bring truly chic charm. It will be easy for you to coordinate it with all your daily outfits while perfecting your style. In general, purple stones generate calm and inner peace. They encourage reflection since they are linked to intuition. This color encourages you to acquire more calm by removing stress and nervousness if you are subject to it. It is effective in countering negative emotions and anxieties.

These superb bracelets in purple crystal beads will fill you with their virtues to promote your daily life and allow you to be more zen. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive your bracelet as soon as possible.

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