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Pyramid Orgonite Smoky Crystal, Amethyst and gold leaf

Pyramid Orgonite Smoky Crystal, Amethyst and gold leaf

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The Smoky Crystal, Amethyst and Gold Leaf Orgonite Pyramid is made of high quality resin in which the different elements have been ordered. The central sphere is in Smoky Crystal, also called Smokey Crystal, it is actually Smoky Quartz. It levitates above three copper circles, themselves on a bed made of Amethysts. The whole thing is sprinkled with gold leaf spangles.

Smoky Quartz has the particularity of neutralizing negative vibrations to cleanse the atmosphere, reduces harmful energies by purifying the environment while protecting against harmful radiation and electromagnetic waves. In addition, it manages to dispel fears and dark thoughts by promoting emotional calm and supporting vitality. It relieves in case of anxiety and stress, helps the development of communication and supports concentration. During sleep, it chases away nightmares to promote good dreams.

Amethyst soothes apprehensions, relieves pain and other sorrows, especially emotional ones. It calms irritations and anger and helps to clear the mind to increase concentration and the creative spirit.

This gorgeous Smoky Crystal, Amethyst, and Gold Leaf Orgonite Pyramid will add sparkle to your home decor while maintaining a healthy balance in the atmosphere. Receive it without delay by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

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