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Guided Meditation

Amethyst Pyramid Orgonite

Amethyst Pyramid Orgonite

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The Amethyst Pyramid is a real catalyst. The energy specific to this stone is concentrated at the base of the pyramid to then be conveyed towards the tip from where it is diffused, and this towards the 4 cardinal points. These being represented by the 4 faces and not by the edges.

Placed at home in a living room or on a desk, the Amethyst Pyramid diffuses its positive vibrations. While placed in a bedroom, this stone particularly promotes sleep in order to make it deeper, soothed and calm. Its properties promote meditation, concentration and intuition to best develop creativity. In addition, they harmonize energies to improve overall balance and increase self-confidence. Amethyst clears the mind while chasing obsessive thoughts, stimulates intuitiveness and imagination. In addition, it is a very good support to counter addictions and other dependencies, but also bad habits, because it acts as a regulator on the nervous system.

By acquiring your Amethyst Pyramid, you will take a first step towards well-being and will benefit from all the beneficial properties of this exceptional stone on a daily basis. Click without delay on "Add to basket" to receive your superb Amethyst Pyramid as soon as possible.

The dimensions of the pyramid are 40mm side.

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