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Pyramid Orgonite sphere Amethyst, Crystal and Obsidian

Pyramid Orgonite sphere Amethyst, Crystal and Obsidian

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When we observe this Orgonite Pyramid sphere Amethyst, Crystal and Obsidian, we have the impression that the sphere of Amethyst is levitating above a tree of life. The visual is absolutely irresistible, almost bewitching!

In addition to its exceptional decorative rendering, this pyramid will be the protector of your interior to preserve your well-being, because this is also its major role. As its size allows you to take it wherever you go, it will follow you as well in the office as on vacation or during all your travels in order to purify the environment of the negative energies which are there.

Obsidian acts as a shield against all waves and negative energies that surround it. In the world of lithotherapy, but also for connoisseurs and other followers of gemstones, it is considered to be the most powerful, the most effective and the most complete of stones.

Amethyst, on the other hand, is efficient for everything related to negative emotions that it fights to transform them into positive emotions, such as anger that it calms, anxieties and worries that it soothes, sorrows and the sorrows it relieves. In addition, it promotes creativity by clearing the mind which at the same time leads to improved concentration.

Treat yourself to this handmade Amethyst, Crystal and Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid sphere to preserve your well-being by clicking on “Add to cart” now.

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