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Healing Rainbow Opal Ring

Healing Rainbow Opal Ring

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The particularity of this Rainbow Opal Ring is its changing effect on its color, in this case depending on the brightness, which makes it very popular with women. Iridescent sparkles that offer real visual pleasure. Opal takes its name from "Upala", a name taken from Sanskrit and which means precious stone.

Rainbow Opal has existed for millennia and many legends circulate about it. Its virtues are essential for women, because it is a stone of purification which reinforces the yin and the organs which are attached to it such as the liver, the bladder or the kidneys. It will also act on menstruation and lactation problems.

Opal as a stone of protection and purification, fights bad energies. However, it tends to amplify the emotions, which is perfect for releasing inhibitions, to promote tenderness and sensuality, but can be disturbing in case of sadness or anxiety where it would be wise in its moments to leave it. side the time to find calm.

This superb stone will offer you the benefits that are specific to it on a daily basis and will be particularly elegant. To receive your Rainbow Opal Ring as soon as possible, click on "Add to basket".


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