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“Vitality, Love and Energy” ring in natural stones and 925 silver

“Vitality, Love and Energy” ring in natural stones and 925 silver

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This very beautiful natural stone ring will make a perfect adornment to accompany the natural stone earrings present on the shop. This magnificent creation is composed of a 925 sterling silver support on which are set pink Rubies, Topazes, blue Morganites, Amethysts, Kunzites, Garnets, all surrounded by zircons.
The beneficial properties of these stones are as follows:
- Ruby is an energy stone that brings good luck, fights bad dreams and fights against anxiety.
- Topaz is a stone of vitality that distributes energy in the body.
- Morganite, linked to the heart chakra, is the stone of love that it attracts and retains. It improves the expression of feelings and releases emotions.
- Amethyst contributes to the development of creativity and promotes concentration.
- Kunzite is the stone of lovers, known as the "California Iris". It is a calming and strengthening stone. It stimulates the heart and mind while calming the emotions, especially in times of pain.
- Garnet harmonizes intimate relationships and acts on the chakras by regenerating and revitalizing them.

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