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Sand stone bracelet on coordinated leather support

Sand stone bracelet on coordinated leather support

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This sandstone bracelet on a coordinated leather support, combined with a closing button engraved with a Tree of life, reveals an absolutely exceptional elegance with an undeniable chic and classy touch. Sandstone is also called Sunstone and its properties, although little known, are nevertheless very numerous with a certain beneficial contribution.

This stone acts on the physical level, the mental level, the emotional level, but also on the carnal aspect. On the latter, it is linked to the second chakra, called the sacred chakra, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, whose meaning means "place of sweetness", to allow sexuality to reactivate. This leads the carriers of this stone to better fight either erection problems for men, or to stimulate fertility or improve the possibilities of procreation for women.

On the other planes, the Stone of Sand, stone of positive feelings, ousts negative feelings such as gloom, sadness, anxieties and worries, emotional blockages, and any other feeling that causes stagnation. It brings back inner peace, self-confidence and optimism, strengthens and tones. It is even said that it would be a lucky stone for anyone who possesses it.

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