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Sandalwood and peacock feather necklace

Sandalwood and peacock feather necklace

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This superb necklace in sandalwood and peacock feather is a creation entirely handmade by artisans in Nepal from high quality sandalwood. The wooden beads have been polished with meticulous care, without any addition of paint or varnish, to leave the wood with its perfectly natural spirit. The medallion is in enamel, printed with a magnificent peacock feather in colors as shimmering as that of the animal.

In Chinese medicine, sandalwood, originally from Asia, has always been widely used, because the benefits generated by the properties of this wood are widely recognized.

The peacock feather has various meanings in different cultures, but in each of them it is sacred. In India it is the national symbol, in China it is a symbol of peace, prosperity and beauty, for Christians it is a symbol of immortality.

Your Sandalwood and peacock feather necklace is 82 cm long and 5 cm for the medallion, which makes it a particularly beautiful jewel in an ethnic and totally natural spirit. No matter what outfits you pair it with or what occasions you wear it for, you will find that it will go together perfectly. To get it, quickly click on "Add to cart"

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