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Guided Meditation

925 Sterling Silver “Aum” Pendant

925 Sterling Silver “Aum” Pendant

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This 925 Sterling Silver "Aum" Pendant, 2.7 cm high by 1.7 cm wide, is perfectly unisex, which makes it suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. It will highlight your qualities of wisdom and compassion without being too ostentatious. Why should we hide what is good?

The "Aum", or "Om", is a symbol originally sacred to Buddhists, but increasingly displayed by the rest of the world. It represents the wisdom and compassion emanating from the precepts of Buddha. It is taken from the famous mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” of which it is the first syllable. The universe would have been built, shaped and balanced from this vibrational sound. It would therefore be the original sound of everything. The "Om" is found as much in Hinduism as among yoga followers, in Buddhism or Jainism, in Sikhism and Brahmanism, among others.

This "Aum" pendant in 925 Sterling silver will be very elegant to embellish your neckline for women or to enhance your head wear for men. Make it your favorite pendant by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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