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Guided Meditation

Silver Plated “Arrow of Serenity” Ring

Silver Plated “Arrow of Serenity” Ring

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This jewel is intended for those who love accessories that are both beautiful and discreet. According to the symbolism granted to the arrow, this jewel is intended to protect against negativity and to bring serenity and good humor back to the life of the person who wears it. The arrow ring has also been designed for people who appreciate original pieces. It goes perfectly with all wardrobes, including elegant or casual pieces.

Among the many advantages of the arrow ring, we particularly appreciated:

     the valuable building material,
     the very elegant design finished with small brilliants,
     the adjustable size of the ring to adapt to all morphologies,
     the versatility of the jewel that goes with all styles of clothing,
     the worked finish of the ring.

Preserve your good mood thanks to the "arrow of serenity", a quality jewel with a neat design!


Type: Ring
Material: Silver plated metal
Ring width: 4mm

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