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Guided Meditation

925 Sterling Silver "OM" Ring

925 Sterling Silver "OM" Ring

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This exquisite "Om" ring made from high-quality 925 Sterling silver exudes undeniable beauty when worn on your finger. Its adjustable design allows you to easily change its position according to your preferences or mood, giving you the freedom to express yourself. This simple yet elegant piece of jewelry serves as a powerful reflection of your personal values.

Derived from the Sanskrit language, the term "Om" or "Aum" represents the primordial sound that is believed to have created the universe and everything within it. It originates from the mantra of great compassion and wisdom, known as the "Om Mani Padme Hum". This mantra holds immense significance for Buddhists, as well as those who follow the path of meditation.

Measuring approximately 1.1cm in height and 1cm in width, the symbolic "Om" symbol on the 925 Sterling Silver ring is perfectly sized for optimal placement on your finger.

By donning this 925 Sterling Silver "Om" Ring, you will proudly display your personal dedication to the principles of wisdom and compassion, while embracing the meaningful message it represents. To add this remarkable ring to your collection, simply click "Add to basket" now.

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