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Guided Meditation

Statuette of small Buddhist monks “Tathagata”

Statuette of small Buddhist monks “Tathagata”

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These charming Statuettes of small Buddhist monks "Tathagata" are made of ceramic measuring 4.3 cm x 3.5 cm. They are available in 4 colors to meet all your wishes. And because its small size will allow it, your Statuette of small Buddhist monks "Tathagata" can easily follow you wherever you need to go.

The position of their hands is reminiscent of that of the three little monkeys, which in the end delivers the same message, that is to say, do not see evil for the hands which hide the gaze, do not hear evil for those which hide the ears and never spread evil by word for the hands hiding the mouth. This aphorism finds its origin in China where by not looking, not saying, not listening and not doing evil, decorum will be respected. As for the last statuette, it is in a position of meditation.

By clicking on "Add to cart", you can acquire the Statuette of small Buddhist monks "Tathagata" of your choice between posture or color, or order them all to bring well-being to your living space while integrating perfectly to your interior decoration.

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