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Spiritual dowsing pendulum, Reiki amulet

Spiritual dowsing pendulum, Reiki amulet

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This very beautiful spiritual Pendulum of dowsing, amulet of Reiki will satisfy you to answer your goods in your current practice of the dowsing especially if this one does not have any more secrecy for you and that the vibratory movements offer you the awaited answers.

This elegant spiritual Pendulum of dowsing, a real Reiki amulet of 38 mm whose lower part, called shuttle, is detached by means of a screw thread to allow you to easily practice divination. The chain carrying an 8mm ball joy is removable for easy grip and attaches with a lobster type carabiner. Both its size and its weight allow you to take it everywhere with you.

Its design makes it one of the most efficient pendulums on the market. An object you can trust for its precision. Whether you are a beginner or your practice is certified, this pendulum will suit all enthusiasts.

This charming Spiritual Pendulum of Dowsing, Reiki Amulet will be yours as soon as you click "Add to Cart" to be the proud owner and you will not regret it.

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