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Tibetan mandala pendant necklace, Lotus Flower and "Om"

Tibetan mandala pendant necklace, Lotus Flower and "Om"

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This pretty Tibetan mandala, Lotus Flower and "Om" pendant necklace recalls different spiritual aspects. It will be a Zen jewel to wear on any occasion.

The mandala, meaning "circle" in Sanskrit, is a symbol of life representing the essence of the teachings, the enlightened mind, the earth, the whole. Whatever the pattern of the mandala, it generally produces energies with positive effects on both concentration and relaxation through its ability to generate calm.

The Lotus Flower is a strong symbol, especially in Buddhist culture, because it represents purity, prosperity, rebirth and longevity. It encourages more humility while improving patience. It helps to distance oneself from certain sufferings, encourages compassion, preserves inner peace and helps to develop personal fulfillment. The symbol "Om" is the syllable representing the vibrational sound at the origin of the world and of what is. This syllable is commonly recited in meditation because it is protective and generates surprisingly powerful benefits.

On a black cord or on a chain, you choose the version that enchants you to wear your Tibetan mandala, Lotus flower and "Om" pendant necklace on a daily basis. Click on "Add to cart" to receive it as soon as possible.

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