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Necklace with Guanyin Buddha pendant in natural Tiger's eye

Necklace with Guanyin Buddha pendant in natural Tiger's eye

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For this very pretty Necklace with Guanyin Buddha pendant in sculpted natural Tiger's Eye, note the excellence of the extremely well-made details and superb reliefs, which gives this pendant an undeniable realism and beauty! The pendant is completed with small pearls, then mounted on a black braided cord closed by a sliding lucky knot, or knot of luck, to be able to adjust it to the desired length and decorate, or even enhance, your neckline in an original and Magnificent.

The pendant is a representation of the goddess of navy and mercy bearing the name of Guanyin, or Guānyīn. She is the Chinese figure of the Buddhist deity Avalokitesvara, and particularly revered among bodhisattvas. Bodhisattvas meaning the beings, whether celestial or human, to have attained enlightenment or the state of enlightenment. In China, this deity is symbolized in Sanya, in the island province of Hainan, by a statue 108 meters high, 108 referring to the 108 names of Buddha. It is known to be the 14th tallest statue in the world.

As for the Tiger's Eye stone, it is a real protective shield, but also a lucky stone. It is one of the most protective stones that acts by keeping away the negative energies that are present daily in your environment without interfering with your positive energies that it preserves. It participates in the balance of yin and yang whenever necessary. It is helpful in promoting the elevation of the mind serenely for better development and promotes concentration. It is also soothing for people with agitation problems or prone to depression, just as it calms in case of anxiety, anxieties or fears.

This stunning Natural Tiger Eye Guanyin Buddha Pendant Necklace will accompany you every day to protect you at all times, ensuring peace and security as well as good luck and prosperity. Moreover, by wearing the representation of a Buddha, it is like showing a real recognition, if not a tribute, that you address in the spiritual world to this being of goodness and light.

Do not miss such a beautiful jewel with the multiple qualities and virtues of the stone widely recognized in the world of lithotherapy which will highlight your own values of altruism and generosity. Order it by clicking on "Add to cart" as soon as possible to receive it without delay.

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