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Black Tourmaline Healing Bracelet

Black Tourmaline Healing Bracelet

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The originality of this Black Tourmaline Healing Bracelet lies in the shape of its stones, which are all different and which differ from traditional or common round beads, giving it an astonishing and particularly superb finish.

Like many stones, Tourmaline acts by fighting against waves and other negative energies. It is a real protective shield on its own. It also fights the Hertzian waves that propagate in our environment, as is the case with electromagnetic and electronic devices or those of new technologies. It fights in the same way the negative energies emanating from the people around us and all the harmful waves in general.

Black Tourmaline, also called Schörl, offers its virtues to strengthen the immune system, the heart and the muscles. Its protection also applies to the nervous system by fighting against the tensions linked to it as well as against various anxieties and fears. It also develops empathy, encourages compassion and increases self-confidence. It can be helpful in case of dyslexia or epilepsy.

This charming Black Tourmaline Healing Bracelet will not fail in its duty of protection while being a very beautiful delicate and elegant jewel. By clicking on "Add to cart" to receive it, you will be really happy to wear it.

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