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Black Tourmaline Pendant

Black Tourmaline Pendant

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This Black Tourmaline Pendant, although simple in its design, has important properties that bring benefits to our bodies.

It is attributed the ability to fight against negative waves as well as the Hertzian waves present both in our natural habitats and due to various electronic and electromagnetic devices, and all those related to increasingly invasive technology in our living spaces.

In addition to this notable aspect, Tourmaline would participate in strengthening the muscles, including the heart, and the immune system. Tourmaline exists in many very different and never uniform colors except for black, also called Schörl. If all Tourmalines have their own properties, they have in common the particularity of fighting bad waves. However, Black Tourmaline remains by far the most protective, acting as a real shield.

It is therefore a valuable aid in providing protection to the nervous system. It improves balance, fights epilepsy, helps with dyslexia, dispels fears and other anxieties as well as nervous tension by promoting self-confidence. It also stimulates compassion and empathy by improving understanding.

Wear unsuspected protection around your neck with this Black Tourmaline Pendant that will embellish your neckline by clicking on "Add to basket" to receive it with its cotton cord.

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