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Turquoise stone healing bracelet

Turquoise stone healing bracelet

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This stunning Turquoise Stone Healing Bracelet will look as beautiful on your wrist as it will benefit your well-being. It is composed of veined Turquoise beads and engraved cylindrical spacer beads. A "Tree of Life" charm is attached to make it even prettier.

In spiritual traditions, the Tree of Life holds a prominent place, because it alone symbolizes the union of heaven and earth. The three parts that compose it, its crown, its trunk and its roots, each have a precise symbolism. In Chinese tradition, the crown refers to the sky, the trunk symbolizes man and the roots are attributed to the earth. Making man the link between spirit and matter. This tree also represents strength, the importance of life and would offer wisdom and protection to each person who wears it.

Turquoise is a perfect stone for lovers, as it stimulates romance and fights shyness. Beyond this particularity, it invites a better vision of oneself by helping to refocus, promotes calm and dispels fears.

This Turquoise Stones Healing Bracelet is mounted on a high strength elastic backing that will fit most wrists. Click "Add to Cart" to receive yours.

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