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Turquoise Irregular Stone Bracelet

Turquoise Irregular Stone Bracelet

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The originality of this bracelet with irregular turquoise stones lies in the shape of its stones, which are all different and which differ from traditional or common round beads, giving it an astonishing and particularly superb finish.

Like many stones, the Turquoise stone has been sacred since the dawn of time and protects against aggression or accidents. Among the Amerindians it is the sacred stone linked to the cult of the sun and fire. It brings generosity, stimulates sexual ardor, brings luck and prosperity.

It is also a stone renowned for dispelling negative disturbances and electromagnetic energies while offering you protection against environmental pollutants. It fights against shyness by giving you a better vision of yourself by helping you develop your personal fulfillment. It is also a shield against panic attacks by providing you with the inner calm necessary for your well-being, without preventing you from being alert. It promotes inventive expression and stimulates romantic love.

This charming Bracelet in irregular turquoise stones will not fail in its duty of protection while being a very beautiful delicate and elegant jewel. By clicking on "Add to cart" to receive it, you will be really happy to wear it.

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