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Vintage bangle cuff bracelet

Vintage bangle cuff bracelet

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This vintage bangle-shaped cuff bracelet with a braided effect around the edges and balls at the ends is made of allergen- and lead-free copper, nickel and cadmium-free in order to be completely anti-allergic.

As it is unisex, so for both women and men, this very beautiful bracelet will be ideal to mark the union of two beings who love each other.

As for copper, it is a metal with therapeutic properties known for millennia that act against arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as against joint pain in general. This metal is anti-infective, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and is a support for the immune system

Fine and truly elegant, this bracelet can be worn alone or associated with other bracelets in the manner of stacking, that is to say by stacking various bracelets that perfectly match each other, both in the choice of jewelry and by their material and their color to respect a beautiful harmony. A trend from across the Channel that is gaining momentum in the fashion world. For those who wish to indulge in stacking, avoid going over four jewels, or even five jewels, if you want to stay in trend without having an “too much” or “kitsch” effect.

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