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7 Chakra Healing Hex Column

7 Chakra Healing Hex Column

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This Hexagonal 7 Chakra Healing Column is made of shavings of 7 natural semi-precious stones in the colors of the chakras and encased in transparent resin. Among these stones we find from top to bottom Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Olivine, Citrine, Red Agate and Tourmaline.

This type of Hexagonal column of healing 7 chakras with faceted prism is widely used for lithotherapy treatments and in Reiki sessions. These therapists or even simply people who have the knowledge of this use on the chakras use them on a regular basis to rebalance the vital centers present in the human body. The goal is to bring back inner harmony and rebalance the chakras to restore well-being to everyone. Beyond the purely therapeutic aspect, this magnificent Hexagonal Column of healing 7 chakras is a superb object of Zen decoration which will find its place in any room of any interior to deploy its positive waves there.

Bring color and serenity for your well-being into your living spaces with this Hexagonal 7 Chakra Healing Column by clicking "Add to Cart" now to take full advantage of it.

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