Malas Buddhist 108 beads for meditation

Beads for Meditation Collection

Buddhist Malas 108 beads for meditation: The essential tool for spiritual awakeningWhen... 

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Jewelry and Bracelets of the 7 Chakras

In the spiritual world, jewelry and bracelets of the 7 chakras have... 

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GuidesMeditation is a boutique exclusively focused on well-being. This axis of well-being includes yoga, meditation, natural stone jewelry (Lithotherapy), vitality, serenity, relaxation, spiritual well-being, etc.
The GuidesMeditation team is made up of 5 people with extensive knowledge who are passionate about everything related to this field.
We are looking for products that respond to well-being and spirituality to offer you as wide and varied a choice as possible in terms of natural stone jewelry, decorative items and other objects related to this category...