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Guided Meditation

Singing bowl in Tibetan handcrafted in brass

Singing bowl in Tibetan handcrafted in brass

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This very beautiful handcrafted Tibetan brass singing bowl comes in 8 sizes ranging from 8 cm to 17.5 cm. It comes with its wooden contact stick, the end of which is covered in leather. The bowl is nicely shaped with a double border around its edge while the rest of the bowl is finely hammered.

It will be perfect for your meditation rituals, your yoga sessions and your musical therapies.

Its luxurious visual and its different sizes offer you the opportunity to take it everywhere in order to indulge in your practices wherever you go. It will also serve as a container to receive your offerings.

Your Tibetan Handcrafted Brass Singing Bowl can also be used to hold water, incense, snacks, etc. or just to serve as decoration where it will take its place in your interior decoration; a chest of drawers, a pedestal table, your office.

This elegant singing bowl in Tibetan artisanal brass is waiting to be found to serve you on a daily basis. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive it as soon as possible.

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