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Guided Meditation

Orgonite, pyramid of appeasement

Orgonite, pyramid of appeasement

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Visually, this Orgonite, pyramid of appeasement is particularly superb with its judiciously delimited colors. On one of its faces is a nicely chiseled golden medallion showing the symbol “Om”.

Orgonite is spreading more and more in interiors, as it works to balance the space by transforming negative energies into positive ones. It also preserves the electromagnetic waves present in our modern environment and produced by all the electrical devices we use on a daily basis. It also acts by promoting the growth of plants, flowers as well as vegetables and fruits.

As for the symbol "Om", which the om also finds under the writing "Aum", it represents the vibratory sound at the origin of all that is. It comes from Sanskrit, and more precisely from the mantra of wisdom and great compassion "Om Mani Padme Hum", the most recited in the world by Buddhists and followers of meditation or by yogis.

This very beautiful Orgonite, pyramid of appeasement, available in 6 sizes from 4 to 10 cm, is made up of shards of crystal, ores and copper as well as shards of gold leaf enclosed in a resin container. It will ensure the protection of your living spaces by eliminating negative energies. Adopt it without delay by clicking now on "Add to basket".

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