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Orgonite, pyramid of energy and fortune

Orgonite, pyramid of energy and fortune

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Like its flamboyant color, this very beautiful Orgonite, pyramid of energy and fortune will deploy its virtues to preserve your environment, but also protect you from disturbing external elements such as internal incidences such as bad vibes or stress. .

Your Orgonite, pyramid of energy and fortune is particularly recommended to eliminate electromagnetic waves. It will transform negative energies into positive energies whether in your interior or your living space, but also in all the places in which you will take it. A simple, yet effective and powerful way to purify the places you go.

In its resin container, a concentrate of citrine and copper chips has been integrated. This stone is bright and warm in color. Regarding its recognized properties, it is protective against the negative effects of the environment and acting to evict emotional toxins. It is an invigorating stone that also has the power to attract prosperity and fortune. A pretty medallion representing the "OM" symbol is present on one side. This symbol is the vibratory sound which would be at the origin of the world and of all that is. It is taken from the mantra of wisdom and compassion, the "Om Mani Padme Hum", the most famous in the world.

Available in several sizes to meet all wishes, this Orgonite, pyramid of energy and fortune is just waiting to be crowned queen in your interior.

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