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Guided Meditation

Tibetan singing bowl for meditation

Tibetan singing bowl for meditation

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Tibetan singing bowl
You are a fan of meditation or simply attracted by Zen objects or "Feng Shui", then this Tibetan singing bowl is made for you! Authentic by its manufacture according to the Tibetan tradition. With its wooden spindle that accompanies it, it will diffuse an exceptional sound to bring you good energies by relieving your various blockages and will make each moment truly soothing. By grasping it, you will feel its vibrations to relieve your stress or simply to relax. It will allow you to calm your various ailments by rebalancing your natural energy.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl also has the particularity of chasing away any surrounding negativity so that you find a serene and healthy atmosphere. You can then indulge in total relaxation for optimal relaxation, especially if you practice meditation or "Feng Shui".

In addition to all these benefits, the Tibetan Singing Bowl is an admirable decorative object that brings a real Zen and original touch to your interior. It will find its place perfectly, whatever the room in which you place it, and even in several rooms of the house. Dotted with gold writing on a black background, it is very light and superbly elegant. Get it by clicking "Add to Cart".

Weight: 500g
Diameter: 12cm

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