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“Love and tenderness” bracelet of the 7 chakras and Amazonite

“Love and tenderness” bracelet of the 7 chakras and Amazonite

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This magnificent "Love and tenderness" bracelet of the 7 chakras and Amazonite is a perfect concentrate of shades of colors between blue and those linked to the 7 chakras. The natural stone beads are beautifully assembled on a double genuine leather cord bringing a noble side to the whole piece of jewellery. The bracelet closes with a pretty button, to slip into its buckle, in zinc alloy engraved with a Tree of Life.

Amazonite is a stone which has the reputation of rebalancing the magnetic fields disturbed by the various devices which we use daily and which are an integral part of our modern way of life, such as microwave ovens, computers or mobile phones, whose waves are quite polluting.

But, Amazonite is also a soothing stone that encourages relaxation and promotes sleep balance. It cleans the affective areas, fights against stress and can be a significant help to promote and also improve vocal expression, locution, by offering a feeling of freedom allowing to surpass oneself on this point. It also participates in the development of the imagination to promote the creative spirit.

For couples, it is a stone that encourages tenderness for even more harmony.

Wearing this stunning “Love and Tenderness” Bracelet of the 7 Chakras and Amazonite will only bring you benefits by improving your well-being every day. Do not deprive yourself of it and click on "Add to cart" now.

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