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7 chakras earrings in natural stones

7 chakras earrings in natural stones

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These pretty 7 chakras natural stone earrings are made from high quality semi-precious stones to meet your needs. They include Turquoise, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, as well as Tiger's Eye stones. Their assembly was carried out by hand in the artisanal tradition and are approximately 5.5 cm long. Neither too much nor too little to frame your face perfectly.

With these 7 chakras earrings in natural stones, your chakras will be protected, unblocked, restored, rebalanced and harmonized whenever necessary, thus avoiding an irregularity in the energy flow that can lead to many physical, mental and even emotional problems.

When the chakras are doing well in harmony, you are the only beneficiary of the positive effects generated. You will feel a real inner peace, an unsuspected vital energy, the management of your emotions will be improved, your dynamism as well as your strength of resistance will be regenerated and your daily life will be on the sign of well-being.

Combine these very beautiful 7 chakras earrings in natural stones with your jewelry to perfect your outfits and your style by clicking on "Add to cart".

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