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Bracelet of the 7 chakras lava and glass beads

Bracelet of the 7 chakras lava and glass beads

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This Bracelet of the 7 lava chakras and glass beads is made with high quality semi-precious stones.

Lava Stone is reputed to be the stone of reconstruction. It allows you to distance yourself from difficulties, whether they are present in everyday life or linked to the past. This gives the wearer the possibility of better apprehending the future, and in any case with more serenity. It helps to control emotions, calms tensions and helps to better manage anger.

The Lava Stone encourages the person to overcome the barriers of their limits. It promotes openness to others while helping to get to know oneself better or to discover oneself in a deeper way.

The other glass beads corresponding to the 7 chakras will each act on the chakra that concerns it to restore, rebalance and harmonize it in order to restore general well-being, physical, mental and spiritual.

By adopting this Bracelet of the 7 chakras lava and glass beads, your chakras will remain in good balance so that you maintain your personal well-being every day. Click on "Add to basket" to receive your bracelet as soon as possible.

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