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Amazonite Teardrop Earrings

Amazonite Teardrop Earrings

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These stunning Genuine Amazonite Teardrop Earrings will dangle beautifully from your ears to the rhythm of your movements with a completely natural and graceful charm.

Amazonite is a benefactor stone with many virtues. It rebalances the magnetic fields produced by the ever-increasing number of electrical devices that generate polluting waves in our environment, such as microwaves, mobile phones and computers. It has a purifying action on our emotional zones and purifying on the emotional and mental level.

Beyond these great qualities, Amazonite increases tenderness leading to closer ties by bringing harmony within the couple to amplify happiness. It helps to fight stress by conveying calm and relaxation and improves sleep. It supports in periods of suffering, especially following a separation. It participates in the development of creativity by freeing the imagination and thought. In some cases, Amazonite also aids in the liberation of expression by providing a feeling of freedom.

This very beautiful pair of Amazonite teardrop earrings will only bring you pleasure by promoting your well-being on a daily basis. Click "Add to Cart" to receive yours ASAP.

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