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Faceted Natural Apatite Bead Bracelet

Faceted Natural Apatite Bead Bracelet

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This very beautiful faceted natural Apatite bead bracelet has been made with great care in order to respect the beauty of the stones as well as the final result. The 8 mm diameter beads have been chosen with precise care to favor only those with the most beautiful visual qualities and have been assembled on a high-density, high-strength stretch support to allow you to slip the bracelet on easily. and simply on your wrist without taking the risk of damaging or breaking your jewellery.

As far as Apatite is concerned, it is a stone of a fairly deep blue and which bears superb shards, sometimes slightly glittery. The faceted aspect of the pearls, meanwhile, has been carried out with the greatest rigor, which gives a real additional elegance to the faceted natural Apatite pearl bracelet.

All the interest of this stone is not limited to its only splinters and their beauty since it is very beneficial and truly beneficial. Because, as a stone linked to the heart chakra, like Rose Quartz, it supports it to ward off negative emotions, in this case in case of heartache, during heartache or following to a breakup, in order to promote inner appeasement and the tugs of grief.

What's more, it also carries its actions to support the other chakras and improve their beneficial potential in order to increase the general well-being of the person wearing this stone. It increases the capacity related to listening by promoting hearing, helps to reduce hoarseness problems related to the throat, which allows to better develop diction, therefore to access an improvement in oral expression in particular, and speech in general, to achieve a much better speech and thus be better understood by others.

Don't miss this very beautiful Faceted Natural Apatite Bead Bracelet which has been designed to be suitable for both men and women. It will not fail to offer anyone who wears it the beauty of its color associated with its beneficial potential to protect well-being and inner balance on a daily basis. It will go perfectly with all your outfits with extreme elegance, whether casual or more classy. Receive your beautiful bracelet without delay by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

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