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Box of small semi-precious stones

Box of small semi-precious stones

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This Box of small semi-precious stones is composed of real natural tumbled stones including Amethysts, Rock Crystals, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurines, Citrines, Red Agates and Gold Obsidian. All these stones have proven usefulness for our well-being every day.

These small stones are ideal as decorations on a piece of furniture, a table, at the foot of your plants or simply arranged in a joyful crystal dish. You will have at heart to find them a place of choice so that they release all their potential and their virtues. They are not intended for making jewelry, however you can slip them into a small cage pendant or place them in your purse or bag.

Whatever choice you make, these stones will act in balancing your chakras and harmonizing your inner energies. They will dissipate the bad energies and harmful waves that invade your places of life while promoting positive energies, including those present in your environment.

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Stones from 7 to 9mm

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