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Energy bracelet of the 7 chakras and knot of luck

Energy bracelet of the 7 chakras and knot of luck

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Whatever your wrist size, this Lucky Knot 7 Chakras Energy Bracelet is bound to be right for you, as it has been designed to allow for an ideal fit. Its colors will bring joy to your daily life and it will coordinate with most of your outfits.

The colors used are representative of the 7 chakras to promote their balance, which is essential and vital for your inner well-being. Each pearl is mounted on a genuine waxed leather cord and finished on each side with a pretty golden pearl. The ends of the cord end with a Lava Stone bead held by a knot on each side. The sliding knot is a skillful execution worthy of Tibetan Buddhists.

This very beautiful energy Bracelet of the 7 chakras and knot of luck is entirely handmade to offer you a high quality jewel. To offer or to offer, to meditate or just to be pretty, whatever it is, it will delight you as soon as you own it. Click on "Add to cart" without delay to receive it as soon as possible.

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