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"Mission of Life" bracelet in African Jasper stones and silver Tree of Life

"Mission of Life" bracelet in African Jasper stones and silver Tree of Life

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This very beautiful "Mission of Life" Bracelet in African Jasper and Silver Tree of Life stones is made from natural semi-precious stones, and the whole thing is assembled on a braided cord. The pearls are enclosed by a conscientious assembly game entirely by hand. The bracelet ends with a sliding knot allowing you to adjust it perfectly to your wrist.

The Tree of Life represents the link between the sky, by the branches that rise, and the earth, by the roots deeply buried in the ground. It symbolizes the longevity that characterizes its existence, the strength that allows it to brave time and the rebirth linked to its survival to the rhythm of the seasons.

African Jasper strongly resembles African Turquoise, as these two stone types have similarities in their very structure. However, they do not have the same properties or virtues. African Jasper helps the person to orient themselves on the right path. It promotes acceptance of change and brings self-confidence while giving a better vision of existence.

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