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Bracelet "anti-stress and confidence" in Rhodonite

Bracelet "anti-stress and confidence" in Rhodonite

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From ancient Rome, Rhodonite was worn for the protective virtues attributed to it. It was the same in the 16th century, when it was granted the power to bring joy, intelligence and memory to all people who wore it. Nowadays in lithotherapy, we recognize in Rhodonite great virtues.

It is a protective and restorative stone that also promotes balance. It soothes stress and anxiety and allows better management of these two key points. It participates in the development of courage, improves endurance and strengthens confidence in relationships with others.

Rhodonite opens the mind, improves relationships linked to tenderness and affection, support in the event of emotional trauma or negative emotions to better overcome this type of difficult course. In addition, it is stimulating for the immune system and acts against certain pains, in particular joint pains.

Treat yourself to this magnificent Rhodonite "anti-stress and confidence" bracelet in soft and warm colors by clicking on "Add to cart" now to own yours without delay. Beautiful and benefactor, your bracelet will only do you good!

Features :

Length: 18.5cm mounted on elastic
Material: Rhodonite

Collapsible row

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