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Guided Meditation

“Intuition” Bracelet in Aquamarine from Brazil

“Intuition” Bracelet in Aquamarine from Brazil

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- Original design created by Guided Meditation
- Only available on Guided Meditation
- Certified natural stones (AAA quality) and 925 silver
- Comes with a nice gift box and a user manual

By its sublime color, this magnificent "Intuition" bracelet engraved with Guided Meditation in Aquamarine mounted on a high-strength stretch support consists of 8 mm high quality natural semi-precious stone beads from Brazilian Aquamarine which has been associated with a cylindrical pearl in 925 silver personalized with the name of our brand.

In addition to the potential linked to the virtues of the stones, this bracelet will coordinate with all types of clothing, including those you wear every day.

This premium bracelet is composed of powerful intuition stones

Aquamarine, like the clarity of water such as its color, participates in positively freeing the mind to have better clarity.

However, its beneficial or curative virtues are numerous and do not stop at this stage since they are seen both physically and psychologically and emotionally.

On these, Aquamarine helps reduce stress, improve the relational aspect, promote calm, gentleness and positivity. It helps you to free yourself internally from certain difficulties which encumber you such as concerns which may have a link with the professional plan or the finances as well as the relations which would be complex or complicated emanating from social life. It provides serenity and calm while stimulating the intellectual aspect in a positive way. It ensures better oral expression and better transmission of emotions for harmonious communication with others. In love, it will be the ally of lovers to strengthen their love whether it is new or already well established.

The stones that make up this magnificent "Intuition" Bracelet engraved Guided Meditation in Aquamarine would be those of the sailors who take it with them when they sail, because they would see in it a lucky charm that would protect them during their sea voyages. sea so that they run smoothly. It would also be effective against seasickness.

On the physical level, this stone linked to the throat chakra is purifying and strengthens the immune system as much as the blood system and regulates the heart rate. It is effective in combating hypertension.

Its properties are also renowned for their curative actions which act positively on the respiratory tract, especially in the event of inflammation or infections, such as coughs, sinusitis, bronchitis, angina and they help to tone the vocal cords. In the same way, Aquamarine protects the eyes by reducing the fatigue to which they are subject as well as dental pain and allergies such as hay fever. But, it also acts to counter various skin problems such as eczema, acne or psoriasis.

This superb "Intuition" Bracelet engraved with Guided Meditation in Aquamarine is therefore a concentrate of virtues that has all the visual and protective qualities you need to promote your personal well-being at all times. Do not miss such a potential benefactor or such a pretty jewel and click on "Add to cart" now to receive yours as soon as possible.

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