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Guided Meditation

“Anti-stress” Bracelet in Black Onyx and Amazonite

“Anti-stress” Bracelet in Black Onyx and Amazonite

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- Original design created by Guided Meditation
- Only available on Guided Meditation
- Certified natural stones (AAA quality) and 925 silver
- Comes with a nice gift box and a user manual

At a time when our daily lives are regularly disrupted by numerous events or situations that are not always easy to understand and resolve, this very beautiful "Anti-stress" Bracelet stamped Guided Meditation in Black Onyx from Africa and Amazonite from Brazil will be at certainly a major ally to preserve your well-being and protect your inner peace. As soon as you wear it, its benefits will not be long in coming to arm you with these multiple benefits.

Stress is a real scourge of our modern times which leads to a very harmful state for our organisms, but also for our mind. It destabilizes not only what is related to our abilities and in the same way our inner balance, in particular by disturbing our concentration, our efficiency and our productivity. Some stones are therefore very useful for restoring the right balance that we need in all everyday moments, whether private or professional.

This superb "Anti-stress" Bracelet stamped Guided Meditation in Black Onyx from Africa and Amazonite from Brazil is composed of 8 mm beads and available in two sizes to be worn by both men and women. Therefore, it is perfect for all couples.

This premium bracelet is composed of 2 powerful stones

In addition to its real beauty, it is a stone that will be particularly helpful for people who are depressed and have a melancholy tendency, because it allows them to better manage the advents in order to put into perspective the different situations they have to go through. or overcome while freeing thought. In addition, it develops the power of the imagination to foster creativity.

As it fights against negative energies as well as against black thoughts, it will be a necessary help by bringing calm and appeasement, mainly for people with tendencies to be inconstant. It will then be useful for acquiring better self-control and improving the sense of responsibility. It may even be a source of joy. It fights the state of irritation, dispels frustrations and represses stress.

Black Onyx
It is linked to the root chakra and is a powerful support to achieve greater self-control while having the ability to counter episodes of stress. This stone improves nerve functions. On a physical level, Black Onyx helps with problems related to the inner ear such as tinnitus, buzzing.

This elegant Guided Meditation stamped “Anti-stress” Bracelet in Black Onyx and Amazonite will support you at all times. It will go perfectly with each of your daily outfits whether you are a woman or a man since it is unisex and it is available in two sizes to suit everyone.

Once on your arm, you will quickly notice its effects and you will not be able to do without it. Let yourself be charmed by this magnificent bracelet of absolute elegance and order it as soon as possible by clicking on "Add to basket".

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