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Black Tourmaline and Labradorite Balance Bracelet

Black Tourmaline and Labradorite Balance Bracelet

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This Black Tourmaline and Labradorite Balance Bracelet is full of elegance with its golden charm engraved with the "Om" symbol, a Lotus Flower or the effigy of Buddha of your choice. The natural stone beads are interspersed with small golden beads and the set is assembled on an extendable support to suit most wrists.

The kings of France were very fond of black tourmaline, because it is a particularly powerful grounding and protective stone. It absorbs negative energies which it returns to the ground and keeps electromagnetic waves away. It preserves harmony and balance in your living spaces.

Labradorite, whose virtues are powerful, is complementary to black Tourmaline, because it also absorbs negative energies to then dissolve them. It promotes mental and intellectual acuity, fights anxiety and soothes in case of feeling of insecurity. It supports the vital force, both that of the mind and that of the body, and rebalances it. It is also soothing for the aura, especially in case of emotional wounds.

This very beautiful Balance Bracelet in Black Tourmaline and Labradorite will be your daily protective companion, click now on "Add to basket" to receive it as soon as possible.

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